• Daniel Rodman

Why I Am Free

I am free,

because the Transcendent relieves me of all falsehood.

I am full,

because the Transcendent is all in all, and in my heart.

I am virtuous,

because the Transcendent is my compass.

I am alive,

because the Transcendent breaths into my spirit.

I am peaceful,

because the Transcendent is the place where all things rest.

I am joyful,

because the Transcendent is the celebration in every moment.

I know the world,

because the Transcendent is the shine in every form.

I know others,

because the Transcendent lives in my love and in every heart.

I know myself,

because the Transcendent is my true reality.

In my mind,

I find stillness,

and silence.

From that place the Transcendent whispers a sacred song, calling me back home.


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