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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation -
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        This involves a relaxation practice, followed by a breath awareness practice, followed by a loving-kindness practice. It lasts 13 and a half minutes. Please use this freely. This guided meditation is intended to offer a way for you to learn to practice so you can do it more deeply on your own. Thank you for your dedicated practice!

Guided Meditation Music

        This link below will bring you to a Youtube page that contains the guided meditation music I often use for my classes. Feel free to put it on in the background of the guided meditation audio above. You can subscribe to the Youtube page of the video to see a host of other music videos made by the same producer, or search for meditation music on Youtube, Pandora, Spotify or other video or audio sites.

La Meditación Guiáda En Español.

La Meditación Guiáda
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Esto es la meditación guiáda en español. Primero vamos a hacer relajación, despues enfocamos en la respiración, y finalmente cultivamos amor para nosotros y para otros.

Sleep Guided Meditation

Sleep Guided Meditation -
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     This sleep guided meditation  can be used to help you come to a restful place and settle into a sleep state. It invokes a ritual of letting go of unfinished business, trusting that you can let go, cultivating gratitude in your life and in feeling comfortable in your bed, followed by breath meditation to start you off on your own to follow the breath as it brings you to a restful and settled state of mind. Notice when your thoughts distract you, simply let them go, and come back to the breath. Once you begin to fall asleep, let go of the breath meditation and simply allow yourself to fall asleep. Even if you do not fall asleep, doing the breath meditation will rest your mind and body, gaining similar benefits to sleeping.

La Meditación Guiáda Para Dormir

Meditación Guiáda Para Dormir
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     Esta meditación guiáda es para dormir. Usualmente tenemos muchas cosas en nuestro mente, y por eso es difícil a dormir. En este grabación, vas a hacer un processo de dejár a todo de lo que estas pendiente, tener confiansa de que estás asalvo, tener gratitud en to vida y que estas cómodo en tu cama, y finalmente vas a hacer la meditación de la respiración solo, hasta que te duermas. Si pensamientos vienien a tu mente, solamente se presente, dejandolos pasar, y regresando a tu respiración. Eso es la practica. Es benificial también a quedarte en solo un posición, sin muver tanto en la cama, para que tu mente puede bajar al sueño mejor. También puedes memorizar este practica, y hacerlo sin el grabación, porque es benificial a hacerlo sin sonido. 

Guided Meditation for Physical Pain

Guided Meditation for Physical Pain -
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        This guided meditation is for dealing with physical pain. It involves letting go of resistance to your pain, complete acceptance that your pain exists, breathing into the places where you feel pain for vitality and relieving tension, offering loving energy to places where you feel pain for healing, using your hands as a gateway for loving energy, and finally cultivating compassion for anyone who feel pain like you do in the world, thereby letting go of any self-cherishing attitude that might arise while experiencing pain and therefore relieving your pain.
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