Dan Rodman has been studying and practicing meditation for over 18 years. His influence is primarily Buddhism, as are most modern forms of meditation today, though what he teaches is not Buddhism but a more universal approach to understanding meditation.He has familiarized himself with all major theistic traditions and modern expressions of spirituality as well as thoroughly studied the most recent scientific theories on life, and for that reason he is capable of teaching a devout religious or spiritual practitioner as well as a scientific atheist. Whether your disposition is to learn meditation for purely practical reasons or if you want to dive into your spiritual life, Daniel is capable of offering meditation instruction that suits you. Daniel has participated in numerous meditation retreats, and has learned from some of the best teachers in meditation including Thich Nact Hanh, and Geshe Khensur Wandak Rinpoche (former abbot of the H.H. The Dalai Lama's monastery). He is delighted to offer insight into the path of meditation and wishes for a fruitful transformation.   

                                                                              Meditation Resume





Website: www.DanRodmanMeditation.com



Connecticut College, New London, CT BA May 2007

Major: Philosophy, focus in Religion. Overall GPA 3.340

Honors: Dean’s Honors Fall 2003, Fall 2005, Spring 2006; Dean’s High Honors Spring 2005

Language: Fluent in Spanish



Over 18 years since 2002


Santa Teresa Proyecto Alcatraz: Outreach Program for Youths in Gangs 2002


Taught meditation and music to adolescents at risk in gangs or with addiction problems

Acted as a loving role model for troubled teens and adults in their twenties.


Centro De La Communidad: After-School Daycare Program 2016


Taught music and meditation to children of mostly hispanic descent, ages 5-7, from lower economic status.

Bridge the language gap for underprivileged hispanic children.

Organized group activities and creative play.

Caring role model for boys.


Addiction Recovery Meditation Experience:


Taught for the Pine Street Inn Shaddok Hospital addiction recovery program, Jamaica Plain, MA since 2018

Taught Groups as well as individuals how to relate to their addictions to strengthen their minds in the context of meditation and mindfulness theory.


Offered inspiring perspectives on life and how to move forward despite your past.


Current meditation instructor for The Coleman Institute, an addiction detox center in Wellesley, MA.


Meditation Instruction for The Greater Boston Area Since Feb. 2017:

Synergy Private Health cardiovascular and primary care facility, Dorchester YMCA, Dorchester Boys and Girls Club, Greenwood Shalom Afterschool program, The Coleman Institute Rehabilitation Center, Newton Wellesey Hospital Physicians Wellness Program:

Helped people to recognize the way to overcome obstacles in life through letting go of attachments and aversion

Introduced people to meditation practices that benefit their lives in concrete ways.

Be a role model for the fruits of meditative practice over many years.

Taught people of all ages including retirees in their 70's as well as children ages 6 to 12 in after-school programs




Student of Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche (Gelukpa School) Former Abbot of the Dalai Lama's Monastery

Chenrezig Center in Middletown, Connecticut; Since 2004

Study of Lamrim Chenmo, basic text of Gelukpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Study of gross and subtle Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy.


Spiritual practice and retreats:

Ongoing daily mindfulness/awareness practice since 2004.

Practices in subtle energy since 2006.

Meditation practice since 2003

Subtle mind practice of Tibetan Buddhism Since 2014

Walking meditation regularly to integrate subtle awareness with every day awareness. Since 2008



Three-day weekend mindfulness retreat at the Barre Center for Buddhist studies in Barre, Massachusetts. (2003)

2 five-day mindfulness retreats led by Venerable Thich Nacht Hanh in Easton, Massachusetts. (2003,2005)

Ten-day silent vipassana and metta retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. (2004)

2 weekend-long retreats at the Cambridge Zen Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (2004, 2006)

Meditation courses as a seasonal staff member at the Omega Institute in Rheinbeck, New York. (2005)

5-day workshop on Dzogchen meditation with Lama Surya Das at the Omega Institute. (2005)

7 day silent Dzogchen meditation retreat led by Lama Surya Das at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York.(2006)

7 day residential retreat at Sravasti Abbey (2017)