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The Three Levels of Meditation

There are three primary levels of depth in meditation practice. The first is total relaxation, meaning we have let go of all tension in our body and our mind. This brings about a deep feeling of peace and contentment. From there we can go deeper into a realization of our own personal integrity. This is to know that we are innately complete as we are, and that despite whatever faults we have they do not define us nor reduce our value as a person. We are innately worthy, we are innately valuable, innately deserving of love and respect, and innately good. Even though others an our own self judgement may convince us that we are bad. Once we recognize this place of personal integrity, we feel more complete in ourselves, free of any self-judgement, free of any judgement others give to us, and feel empowered to be who and what we truly are, enacting our authentic self in the world as we want.

The third and final level of meditation practice occurs when we not only recognize our own personal integrity, but a universal integrity that intuitively celebrates the meaning of the moment. This means that just as we are innately meaningful and complete, so too life itself is also innately meaningful, that we exist at all is always something to celebrate and enjoy. This is the meaning of the moment. This moment is not just a passing nothing, but something to be cherished, celebrated, and something to be present to. Shallow distraction in one way or another takes us out of this feeling of the meaning of the moment, the innate feeling that life is meaningful. However, when we go into nature for example, or anywhere that opens us, we start to feel the integrity of life itself, the meaning of life that is always there, that is always right here, right now.

These three levels can exist simultaneously, and can cause each other. When you are in nature you may feel the abundance of life, which may relax you and allow you to tap into your personal integrity. When you realize your personal integrity, you may start to relax and be able to appreciate life more openly without worry before some presentation at your workplace. When you feel relaxed after a long day of work, you start to feel your own integrity reflected in the feeling of having worked hard that day and done well, which may bring you to celebrate life. All these things are interwoven, and it can be helpful to know which ones you are better at so you may strengthen the others. May you come to know the three levels of depth in meditation practice that you may feel the abundance of your life.

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