• Daniel Rodman

What You Practice is Your Devotion

We are always practicing. Practicing walking to the store, practicing buying many things or little, practicing being angry at the person who is taking forever at the counter in front of us. We are always practicing. Our practice is our devotion. When we practice anything we devote ourselves to it. We say, “This I support, this I adhere to, this I make a habit.” All that emotional investment goes into what we practice, and that is a form of devotion. When we devote ourselves to something we don't just physically adhere to a certain behavior, we mentally invest our hearts and minds to it, inviting it to be in our hearts and minds. When we share this mental-emotional space with what we are devoted to, we become more like it. If we devote our life to becoming a rap artist, we will practice being a rap artist until we become one. If we practice hanging out with the wrong crowd who do harmful drugs, we will become the wrong crowd who does harmful drugs.

We have a choice as to what we practice, and therefore what we are devoted to. If we devote ourselves to anger, fear, craving, jealousy, pride, and ignorance, we will become those things. If we practice love, compassion, generosity, patience, faith, and appreciation, we shall be well devoted, we will come to a greater fullness.

Devotion to the Transcendent has a most profound impact. When we practice all things in devotion to the Transcendent we make everything we do an act of offering. This creates a flowing dialogue with that which is beyond all things, and yet supports all things. We come to know the heart of everything. In this way we practice with excellence, and in grace. May you come to know the path of practice that serves you best, that your devotion is well placed.

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