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What Is It Like to Experience Liberated Awareness?

One of the goals of meditation practice is to liberate our minds and hearts from the restrictive effects of our grasping concepts. Concepts about ourselves, concepts about others, concepts about the world, that make everything separate and solid and unchanging. Here is a quick meditation to help yourself to understand what it feels like to experience liberated awareness:

Imagine you are a professional skydiver high in the sky in a plane. You jump out of the plane and you are free falling without holding on to anything, completely open and free, without fear. Now imagine that while you are free falling, there is no ground. What does that feel like?

This is the feeling of a liberated awareness, where all of reality is known to be a constantly changing flow of energy and that you are holding onto nothing, free falling in the space of your own mind. May you come to know the true bliss of a liberated mind and heart that you may overflow in the world and share your radiance with everyone you love.

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