• Daniel Rodman

Velocity and the Great River

One of the most important practices in spiritual life is cultivating love. Love for yourself, for others, and for all of life. The cultivation of love has a natural progression to it, one that grows in strength, breadth, and depth of love. When love is cultivated in the context of spiritual life, as we progress in our cultivation of love for everyone and everything, we begin to develop a momentum like a flow of a river, what I call velocity. This velocity is a flow of love that is perpetually radiated and expressed. Whereas before our love would only be expressed at certain times and places but not others, this flow or current of love is a perpetual love that is seamless with our relationship to the Transcendent.

This velocity is an ever-new flow of love that slowly but surely resonates with a deeper intelligence of service. This intelligence fathoms levels of service to humanity and all of creation that were never known before, and are inspired by the Transcendent itself. We feel in our heart how all beings are together, and want to act in a way that is informed by this.

As our current of velocity grows, it is not only powered by our own will and intentions, but begins to merge with a great current I call the Great River. This is the river of love that has been sown into the collective, that which has been inspired by those who have gone before us. Great people of service like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., great spiritual teachers of the past like Rumi and Khalil Gibran, great saints and prophets like St. John of the Cross, and all Divine Beings like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and finally the Transcendent itself. This river is the One Flow of Love that supports and unites all of humanity, and is what informs its growth and evolution. This is the Great River we merge with and become one with when we cultivate our hearts to love. May you come to know velocity of love that you may soon merge with the Great River of Love that inspires the sacred dance of our spiritual life.

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