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Unity and Diversity

When people look around and see difference, out of ignorance they think this is a cause for separation, when in reality diversity is intimately entangled with unity. Think of the progression from the subatomic level. Subatomic particles are fundamentally the same, all vibrations of energy, however they are diversified. They come together in their diversity to from the unity of an atom. Atoms are also diversified, which come together to from molecules. Molecules are diversified to form single celled organisms. Single cells are diversified, and yet for the single purpose of being a part of a whole human being. Human beings therefore are too diversified, but a diversity that compliments and allows for the whole community to be more of a single unit. People have different jobs that fulfill different needs that we all have, much like an organism. And so, diversity is not a weakness or force of separation, it is the strength that is necessary for a greater unity.

Diversity can also be seen as the basis for greater energy and creativity. If everyone looked the same, did the same things, and thought the same way, not only would the community not thrive, but life would be boring. It is through diversity that we realize a greater field of possibility, more and more ways to express love and life. In all ways, being able to realize a diversity of possibilities allows for a greater fulfillment.

Diversity is the force of radiance, that which supplies the multitude. In the Divine within us, this is the radiance of the diversity of phenomena as transcendent bliss and love within us. Its opposite and compliment is awareness, who is the Presence of the Divine in us and in all things. By this awareness or transcendent consciousness, which is not other than our own deepest consciousness, the diversity of all things are in a total and complete unity, since they all share the divine consciousness and presence as their ultimate nature. Within us, these two, transcendent radiance or love, and transcendent consciousness, are one in the divine within us. Diversity and Unity are one. May you come to know that diversity and unity are two moves of the same dance, and that you may come to appreciate all people and all things as dancing to the same tune.

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