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There Is Nothing To Lose

All things are together. This we know when our hearts teach us the spiritual reality. Love is the true gravity of all things. Beyond all the turmoil and strife, love is the beginning and the end. What enters into our hearts in true love will never be apart from us, for what lives in the heart lives there eternally, and forever. Our children, our grandparents, our partners, they live in our hearts just as much as our love lives in us. And for that reason we know we are one, we are always together. In the spiritual dimension, when we die our spirit travels to its destinations, but its sails are full from the wind of the love it carries with it, from those we left behind. In the spiritual dimension, all time is a woven blanket, with our souls woven forward in a dance through lifetimes. This weaving makes connections between us, having time together, and sharing in each other's love, then passing on. The love we have shared in all previous lifetimes has never died, it stays a flame in us, maybe remembered once more in those close to us. All the things we hold dear to us eventually go away, but our heart has an innate gravity, each love is honored as a fleck of the Transcendent, and soon all those things will come back one day. There is nothing to lose. No true bond dishonored in the river of time.

Our minds being what they are, learning, growing, what we love would gravitate clumps in the fabric of time if it was served only on the surface, what we thought we wanted. The Transcendent knows how to make flowers out of buds, and invite our love to be greater through time. That is why weaving in and out, passed away and back again is the rhythm of growth, the dance of forgetting and remembering, for love's sake.

When we are grown spiritually enough, there will be no more separation, since our hearts would be a natural expression of the Transcendent, and our freedom would be that our service to the love in our hearts is now who we are. May you come to know that there is no need to hold onto ANYTHING. Everything will come back to you in its time if your heart is true.

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