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The Three Sisters: Non-attachment, Faith, and Patience

Non-attachment, faith, and patience can be considered to be like sisters, since they all create space in us. Space for rest, despite obstacles. Non-attachment, or letting go, is the space we create when we no longer hold on to things, to need things or people to be something they are not, to let go of our ego, and to be free of the sickness that comes with the stuck feeling of grasping at something. When we are faced with an obstacle in life, if we have non-attachment, we will also have faith.

Faith is for some the holding onto someone else, your own deeper self, or a higher power to overcome obstacles. A deeper level of faith is letting go into the love of someone else, yourself, or a higher power. This letting go means that we are no longer holding to our on ideas of what we want or what we do, but rather rely on a deeper truth or love or power to support us. A letting go into this deeper power can look like non-attachment, but can still have a heartfelt wish for something to come true. Let the Heart do the work, having faith that things will work out, as opposed to being anxious about how things will go. When we let go, we also achieve patience.

When confronted with an obstacle, we can either pine over its existence, or let go, have faith, and have patience that it will eventually subside. Patience allows us to endure in times of difficulty. In patience we decide to rely on our hearts as a ground, and let go of our need to have things be different from what they are. All things are impermanent, and we will eventually succeed in achieving rest in ourselves if we are patient. Patience is choosing to have rest in yourself right now, even if something is happening that would otherwise make you feel restless. It is a letting go, a natural faith, and a food for our soul when we are starving from adversity. Patience feeds us, it satiates the fire of angst and resistance.

Non-attachment, faith, and patience are the three sisters we rely on in the face of adversity. From their support we can achieve the grounded-ness, clarity of mind, and strength to act if necessary. We can always invoke these states of heart and mind when we need them most. May you know the power of non-attachment, faith, and patience that you may come to rest in restless times.

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