• Daniel Rodman

The Labyrinth

A man finds himself in the middle of a great labyrinth. Every turn he takes there is either traps or treasures. He travels this labyrinth for years and years on end, not finding the way out. Suddenly he stops traveling, and decides to sit down and meditate. He closes his eyes and meditates on the deepest place in himself. Soon the walls of the labyrinth around him start to dissolve, and fade into the dark unknown. Finally he opens his eyes, and just before him is a doorway shining with bright light. He gets up and walks through the door to freedom.

We all are that man, traveling through the labyrinths of our own thoughts and desires. In our life we experience traps and treasures, but to truly be free from the illusion of our own dramas we need to come to the source of it all: the nature of our own mind, the transcendent within. When we meditate we reflect on this nature, deep and radiant, and we realize that we ourselves were creating the labyrinth of our sorrows all along, and therefore walk through the doorway of our own innate completeness, the intelligence of our own heart, that which has the power to set us as well as others free. May you come to know the way to the door out of the labyrinth of your own mind, and wake up from the false illusion of the ego-driven dramas, that you may realize the innate radiant truth that is the meaning of all things.

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