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The Heart Is in You and You Are in The Heart

Intuition tells us that the heart is in our chest, that we feel it there when we feel or express love. This place in us is also the in-dwelling presence of the Transcendent within us, the ground of all meaning. When we reflect on the fact that all of our meaningful experiences, whether it is pleasure or pain in the body, or in our thoughts, are all known by the intelligence of the heart, we can therefore conclude that indeed we too are inside of our loving heart. This is to say that our heart is sensitive from our head to our toe, not just in our chest, and therefore we exist within our heart's knowing.

In addition to this, all experiences of meaning through our senses, “outside of us” are too a part of the Great Heart, the Transcendent, which we experience through our own heart, a place where the Transcendent is in-dwelling as well, which is how we know it outside of us.

This means that in addition to the Transcendent being in our heart, we too are in the heart of the Transcendent, the groundless ground of all meaning and reality around us. The dynamic communion of the Transcendent being in our heart, as well as us being in the heart of the Transcendent, is the interplay like the breath, like waves from the Transcendent to human and back again. It is a glory of radiance and dynamic that exists forever. It is the eternal peace we feel knowing we are in the hand of the Transcendent, and the humility we feel knowing The Transcendent is in our hands, from which we derive the call to righteousness. When we act selfishly, we go against our hearts nature. This causes us to go against the nature of the Transcendent within us, which is why it is called sin, or bad karma. This is the mark we have on our hearts until we either atone for it through prayer, purification, or suffering. Slowly but surely, our hearts become free of ego, and the radiance of the Transcendent that wishes to be expressed through us comes naturally. May you come to know the Transcendent within yourself, and to know that you and all things also are in the the heart of the Transcendent.

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