• Daniel Rodman


Patience Things tick us off sometimes. Its hard to overcome that. However, the practice of patience can help us to realize that it is not the things or people themselves that make us upset, it is how what they do affect our minds, a mind which is malleable and therefore susceptible to our choices. We can chose to have patience in any situation, and that builds the habit of having less and less forms of attached reactivity to certain situations.

One aspect of the mind that can help us to have patience is our ability to dis-identify with the frustration building in us. Creating a healthy distance between our reactive selves and our conscious selves gives us room to work. The second aspect of the mind is a process of re-centering and re-setting ourselves to a more wholesome place within us, using the breath if we feel the need. A third faculty is the ability to forgive the situation.Whatever it or they are doing, they are forgiven of how they make us feel, especially if we can identify the fact that they aren't actually doing anything wrong. The fourth faculty is clarity of mind and insight into the situation to assess what the person or thing is doing that is bothering us. If it is upon clearer vision that they are not actually doing anything wrong or intentionally harmful, we can forgive not only them, but ourselves for getting upset over nothing much. If they are doing something that is actually wrong and hurtful, we can still have some forgiveness for them since they act out of ignorance, and probably do this to everyone in their life, which probably brings a lot of negativity their way. It may also come from a whole story of past negativity that you don't know about, but if you knew it you would not be upset at them you would just be compassionate. Whatever brings you back into your heart with a sober mind and lets go of the frustration or anger brings about a moment of patience.

With patience we become noble and burn in the fire of our former frustration to refine our hearts virtue. It turns the lead of our anger into gold of greater love and open-heartedness. With patience we turn the undeserving anger into great merit for future happiness. In patience we shine the light of consciousness into the dullness of attached frustration. In patience we know our greatest self and embody it in the most challenging moments. For all these reasons we must be grateful for the opportunity to practice patience, since without them we would not know its strength and purifying power. Patience can only develop in us if things test it. It is those things, and those people, who at that moment are our greatest teachers. That is a precious thing. May you come to know the power of patience that you may learn to live and radiate abundance as well as grow as a person.

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