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Natural Faith Versus Active Faith

When faced with the potential of adversity in life many of us get stuck in the habit of worrying or fear. At that time a primary balancing force in our mind is to have faith, to rest our hearts and rely on its wholeness, despite the thought of a negative possibility. There are two kinds of faith I would like to talk about: natural faith versus active faith.

Active faith is the faith we are usually acquainted with. It is to cultivate a feeling of confidence and believing in something, whether it is having faith in ourselves, others, or a higher power. This is very helpful in balancing the mind in the midst of uncertainty.

Natural faith on the other hand is not something you do. Rather it is the natural confidence that arises from an restful mind and heart. It is the faith that is naturally there already just from the absence of worry, fear, resistance, attachment, and the like. It is the natural confidence that doesn't think twice about the outcome of a situation or if we are capable of doing something or not, since we have no basis for second guessing ourselves. This natural faith is like the faith you have in your ability to wake up in the morning, for the sun to rise, for you to breath. When we do these kinds of things we don't think twice about doing them or having them because we don't have any reason to second guess ourselves. Just like that is natural faith, only we can have that feeling in the midst of negative possibility.

How do we do that? By calming our minds, potentially through using our breath, letting go of resistance to negative possibility, letting go of our attachment to self and safety, and allowing ourselves to rest in our naturalness, which naturally opens us to the moment with an open heart. Its much easier said than done, however it is a practice which you can master.

Natural faith is a powerful ally, one which allows you to act from a natural place within yourself. When I said natural I mean with an easeful, and effortless motivation. Like how you feel when you're just being yourself. Not over-thinking, just being there and doing things in an authentic, un-contrived way. Its about being easy.

Both active faith and natural faith are powerful allies, and both can be relied upon to overcome uncertain times. May you come to know the difference between active and natural faith, and may you cultivate both of them regularly that you can achieve courage that is full of grace.

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