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Meaning in Space and Time

The meaning of things or their meaningfulness has a nature that is fully dependent on space and time, meaning it only happens in certain places and times, as well as has a nature that is fully independent of space and time. Let's take for example a person's birthday. The meaningfulness of that celebration of their birthday has specificity to it, that it depends on a certain day and is celebrated in a certain place. It's Norma's birthday on this day and we're celebrating at her house. In this way we can see how meaningfulness can be limited. However, if we zoom out a bit, we can recognize that its Norma's birthday on this day everywhere, not just in her house. Its Norma's birthday in France, it's Norma's birthday in Australia, it's Norma's birthday on the moon. The meaning of Norma's birthday is everywhere because it depends only on this day. Take another example, Let's say the women's U.S. soccer team won the World Cup. The meaning of that moment when they won only occurred after a certain goal at a certain time and place. However the meaning of that event touched millions of people all over the world, and maybe even on days after. Not only this, but the meaning of that win was only so meaningful because of all the many months of prior games they won and lost, to put into context how much they worked for the win. Even more, the whole history of those women's lives including how they became interested in soccer as children culminated at that one big moment, making it a meaning that had span many years. One final example, take the making of a wedding vow. The wedding vow is said in a few moments, but the meaning of the vow stretches for the rest of their lives. That is why the meaning of those vows is so great, since it resonates with the literal future they will live together in love. All their future highs and lows, sickness and health, is in that one true moment, which is what makes weddings so moving.

When we love each other it is simultaneously a local time and place phenomenon as well as a transcendent phenomenon. When we truly love each other very much our love will take place in a certain place and time in us, but pertain to all places and times. It also transcends space by existing for someone else across the globe, connecting two hearts over long distances. Love is a meaning that transcends all mental limitations, for its nature is to transcend and embrace all in its regard, and empower the mind to act well. This great meaning is the way we become more than for just ourselves, but begin to exist for a transcendent purpose and meaning through service that extends beyond our own space and time.

The ultimate meaning is that which we find in the Transcendent within us. This is a meaning that is simultaneously wholly present to us in a place and time as well as transcends and informs all space and time. This meaning is the ground of all our meanings, and allow us to appreciate all our meaningful experiences in the context of this universal meaning.

Meaning can be seen to exist only in a particular space and time, but also can transcend those limitations to exist in multiple places and times. Hence we can see that meaning is a more dynamic manifestation than matter could ever be, since matter is more limited to certain places and times. To tap into the dimension of meaning in you is to start to understand your limitless nature. May you come to know the nature of meaning that you can tap into the deepest meaning within yourself and accomplish a transcendent reality.

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