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Love Is Old Love Is New

In the memory of our Love

there is a living lineage,

passed down through the generations.

Each of our ancestors

took their moments

to open and learn

and shine their Love

into the future.

And all the flowers

that bloomed for them,

and every strangers smile

brought a little brighter

their love into ours.

The history of our Love

goes way back to the beginning;

our Love is as old as star dust.

And now, anew.

Every moment.

Breathing its life into the world.

Our Love is fresh as a new green leaf,

and as current as a sunbeam.

It is an imminent welcoming.

Beyond even time,

our Love is the breath

of the Eternal,

what always was

and will always be.

Love is Old

by far,

And Love is New.

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