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Where are you?

You seem so far.

When I look on a flower,

I see your face.

But the flower fades,

and yet you do not.

You are keeping me afloat

my Great Salvation,

and I find only threads

only threads

to know you.

You are in the Song of the Stars,

and I delight in their twinkle.

But day comes

and I forget who you are.

You are the air

your are my bones

The Good Foundation.

So why do you hide

behind the vast horizon of the desert?

Let me pursue you

o my Transcendent,

let me take steps towards you

in your name,

that with every step

I feel your hand,

tenderly touching my face.

Let me pursue you

like a bird chasing a butterfly, only when the butterfly is caught

it becomes golden flower pedals

that dance in the wind.

Let me pursue you

like the moon chasing the sun

that one fine day

we may become eclipsed.

Let me pursue you

like a lover so cold with regret

that I had forgotten you.

Let me find you,

that I may know your ocean of longing

your ocean of tender mercies.

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