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Limitless Change

When we investigate the nature of the present moment we realize that it is in a constant state of change. The atoms around us are in a state of change, our blood is pumping and our brain is firing, and even our flow of perception of this moment is always receiving only new information moment to moment. But how much change is there? How many moments pass us by as time passes? Is it 5? is it 1000? To know this we would need to know if there was a knowable unit of time that was the smallest unit. However, if we ponder this we must conclude that we can't find one. Is it a half a second, a millisecond? If you take any unit you can always break it down to smaller units that make it up. You can do this to infinity. Therefore, the moment does not pass by unit by unit, it passes by limitlessly, without units or separate parts that make it up. It is the only way. It is like a flow of water, that is not separate droplets but one flow, so too is time one flow, undivided. It even feels that way. Even though change seems to be regular, since our watches work, it is still a flow and not a parade of units like our clocks try to make it out to be.

Quantum physics suggests that there is something called the Plank Time, which is derived from constants in the universe like the speed of light and gravity. This is supposed to be the smallest measurable time, since anything smaller is lost in uncertainty. However they call this the smallest unit of time, which is illogical since any length is only relative and not absolute, therefore it exists based on comparison, therefore it could never be smallest just as much as there is no biggest. It is logically composed of lengths of time that are smaller than it. Even if the laws of physics itself and physical matter no longer exist beyond this smallest realm, the time that occurs in that smallest unit is still composed, it is still dependent on its relative qualities, which empowers us and does not limit us in finding smaller units that compose it. Time can exist even without physical matter. Otherwise empty space is impossible or timeless. If time and space itself became warped and uncertain and unrecognizable at this plank level, then there must be some abstract pure unbending standard or dimension that allows the specificity of this bending and change over time of this time/space fabric to be defined in any way as well. Plus, it is not appropriate to assume that that which cannot be known or measured beyond the Plank level does not exist.

The result of realizing that the moment is limitless is to realize that you are also limitless in this way, that you have no stuck essence or nature that does not change, and is therefore limited. Instead you can see your true nature as a radiance that is ever changing, and constantly in a state of limitless flow. There is no duration, things do not endure ultimately. All is flow and radiance that is ever-new.

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