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Just Say Yes

When we say “yes”, we say “yes” to possibility, to our true self expression, to genuine relationship. We say “yes” by being open, being open minded, being in tune and in touch, being in the flow. When we say “yes” in our life we say “yes” to our hearts true intelligence, and to all that we know will eventually bring us deeper fulfillment. When we say “yes” we accept all the obstacles and suffering our lives will bring us, no matter how dark it seems. We say “yes” to affirm that the world and our place in it has a core possibility that is innately good, no matter how obscured it may seem. We say “yes” to appreciate what we have, to celebrate what we have lost, and to welcome and be hopeful for what will come. We say “yes” to free ourselves of the bondage of resistance, closed heartedness, and ego. We say “yes” to all the precious hearts of the world and their potential for fulfilling their lives. We say “yes” to relive ourselves of the incredible burden of “no”, no to life, no to love, and no to the truth.

There is a way to say “no” that actually says “yes”. This is a different kind of no that is life affirming. For example saying “no” to the things that would harm us or others. Saying “no” to drugs or alcohol abuse. Saying “no” to policies in government or behaviors of corporations that harm others or lack proper vision. Saying “no” to racism, sexism, exploitation, homophobia, or degradation of the environment. This kind of “no” affirms what is good and true and right. It is without malicious intent or anger, but rather from a righteous confidence in the truth. In this way, to say “no” is to say “yes”.

In meditation practice we reflect on a deep place in ourselves, one which innately has a nature of always saying “yes”. It is the nature of the Divine within us. It knows no “no”. From this place we come to know that all of life and ourselves within it is completely affirmed and embraced in an overarching meaning. That meaning is not just the meaning of the things within this world, but of that which informs it. This ultimate “yes” is unbreakable, unstoppable, and unwavering. From this innate “yes” we can find strength, peace, and love for all. May you realize the power of “yes” that you may live your life affirming all that you are, and all that is, and all that is beyond.

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