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In life we experience ups and downs. When these downs occur, especially when we are still developing as a child and through high school, and especially if they occur in a social context like being embarrassed, or made fun of, or not receiving love in any way, we may internalize that experience in the form of a trauma that establishes in us a complex of insecurity. We start to think of ourselves, either unconsciously or consciously or both, as being lesser in some way. We may thing that we are not as good as others, less capable, or not worthy of love. This knot of insecurity within us may color our perceptions in life, how we perform in our work, or how we relate to and perceive others. Insecurity is like a constant block of our true potential, like a cloud over our heads, not allowing us to see how to be exuberant.

So how do we overcome this insecurity? By first processing the past and forgiving it, followed by affirming our true value and accepting ourselves fully and unconditionally. Here is a quick meditation to overcome insecurity:

Breathe in I forgive my past and all my flaws, Breathe out I completely and unconditionally accept myself.

We can realize that beyond all our insecure thoughts, in a deeper place in our minds and hearts, there is a knowing of a deep meaning that is ever radiant and ever full. This deeper knowing in ourselves is the true ground of our mental, emotional, and spiritual being. If we can recognize this place within us we can rely on it as a sturdy ground. Meditation is the practice of familiarizing yourself with this place within, therefore meditation does help all insecurities to be subsumed by a deeper knowing. May you overcome insecurity by processing and letting go of the past in order to connect to a deeper place in yourself.

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