• Daniel Rodman


Equanimity is the state of mind that is unmoved in the face of adversity or desirous experiences. It is a great strength in the spiritual path since it is that which allows us to hold our center even thought things around us may be intense. Equanimity is accomplished when we do not hold onto or put too much weight on the circumstances that occur in our life, especially the difficult ones. By letting go, we allow our minds to be in a state of balance free from the un-balancing effects of the things around us. This is not to say that we are not affected by things. On the contrary, when we are in a state of equanimity it is because we are seeing things from a most honest place, an un-attached place, not grounded in a false mind, which is simultaneously more sensitive and more capable of experiencing things with grace.

Equanimity is not only cultivated by letting go, since when we do let go we feel into the centered place within us. Therefore, the ultimate basis for equanimity is the divine within, the place where the deep meaning of our lives is know within us. From this place of deep meaning we are ever-supported, ever in balance and are capable of experiencing all things in a greater perspective and context.

Being in a state of equanimity brings not only short term relief from difficult circumstances. It is also what allows for a balanced lifestyle, going with the flow of life without pushing against it or holding onto it. Equanimity is an ever-new source of joy and contentment, especially when it is grounded in the deep place within you. May you come to know how equanimity may benefit your life, that you may be in a place of balanced contentment through all the ups and downs of life.


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