• Daniel Rodman

Disposition for Practice

There are many different types of people, and for that reason there are different approaches to meditation practice. Finding the right approach for you ought to be an intuitive process of seeing what choices there are and knowing what calls to you ( please see "Types of Meditation" on the website for reference to some of these practices below). For example, if you are more of an emotional and heart based person you might gravitate towards loving kindness practices or devotional practices. If you are more cerebral and philosophical you might gravitate towards practices that analyze and understand the ultimate truth or reality. If you are more action based you might do walking meditation or service work with intention. If you are about simplicity or practicality then breath meditation might be good for you. If you seek freedom of expression then mind like the sky meditation, mantra meditation, or reciting OM might be a good practice. If you are an imaginative type the visualization practice would be well suited.

Ultimately, all of these types of practices lead to the same fundamental place, the place from which all of our experience is informed of it's reality and meaning. Try to chose only one at a time and dedicate yourself to regular practice long term. May you come to know what practices work best for you that you may find yourself in the journey to realizing your true nature.

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