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Conceiving of the Transcendent

The Transcendent is utterly beyond all thought, since it is that which is the basis of reality, and therefore the basis of thought itself. So how do we think of the un-thinkable? There are certain concepts that help us to approach the understanding of the Transcendent. The first I would like to offer is that of infinity. Infinity is something without end, like what the horizon looks like, or the vastness of space. The Transcendent is infinite, but it is not merely infinite, since it is that which informs the very existence of infinity itself. If the universe is infinite, which most agree that it is, then the Transcendent must be infinite as well, without end, since it is the ground of the universe. Conceiving of the infinite is a helpful tool to understand the scope of the Transcendent, and therefore brings us closer to understanding.

Another concept that is helpful to understanding the Transcendent is limitlessness. It is one thing to be infinite, being a size that has no end to it, and another thing to be without any limit whatsoever. This means that in all ways, the Transcendent is utterly free, without limits, at least on the ultimate level. This is to say that there is nothing that limits its being, doing, etc. It abides by no law, since it itself is the underlying law of creation, and all things abide in it. It is limitless in space, and in time, and in meaning. It is the basis of all of these. Another concept is that the Transcendent is The Beyond. That is to say, whatever you think, it is beyond it. Whatever distant edge, whatever farthest extent you conceive of, it is beyond it. The Beyond ultimately disregards all thinking to assume that the Transcendent is beyond your farthest reaches. In this way we can let go of all concepts with an intention of reaching beyond them.

One other concept is that of the ultimate harmony of all things. Since the Transcendent is what everything ultimately has in common, all things are ultimately in harmony via the Transcendent. All things share, and what they share in is the Transcendent. In this way we can see the basis of love, that which recognizes the transcendent in all beings. Through love we achieve union with the Transcendent, since love is the connection and union of all things in the Transcendent. That is why it is said that “God is love”, or “love is the way”. The Transcendent naturally intends for the harmony of all things by realizing itself in the world. The world in turn grows and further realizes itself as being love, or the Transcendent, made manifest.

Conceiving of the Transcendent is a daunting task. However, if we apply ourselves to grasp certain concepts, we may come to know a truer nature of the Transcendent. Finally, it is through our deep reflection through prayer and meditation on these concepts that the intuition of the Transcendent may reveal itself directly in the whisper within the stillness of our own mind and heart.

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