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What is our calling? Is it to be a artist? A businessman? To do service work? Our calling is what we are inspired on a heart level to do in our life. It arises when we listen deeply to our heart's desires and we identify its match in the world. Some people may have multiple callings, some may change over time, some may have no calling per se, simply a chosen way of life. Our calling is our certain direction and invitation to our living a fulfilled life. If people don't fulfill their calling, lose hope in it, or deny it, it can lead to an unhappy life doing only what satisfies lesser things in life. Doing things just for the money, for example, is a way many people get trapped in jobs they don't enjoy, that is unless they are called to do that job for the money.

Often times the reasons why we do things are only on the surface, when the true reasons comes from the life we would experience in those circumstances. Like if someone was called to do work for the money but in reality fulfilled a meaningful life in relation with his workmates. There are so many jobs out there that make good money and are actually things you truly love to do but don't think are possible or in reach or even exist. Being content with the job you have is great, but if you just don't like your job, know there is a better alternative out there if you only do the research and think outside the box. Find your calling and pursue it. The passion you have for your calling will become the passion you have for your life.

Our calling can not only tell us what do do as a job, but also what to eat, what clothing to wear, who to go out with, and what movie to see. The calling in our heart is our heart's intelligence and interface with the world around us. It knows the harmony of all things, and therefore how to navigate all the variables in the best possible combination. Choosing to fulfill our calling, therefore, allows us to fulfill our most optimal relationship with the world and all its variables. May you listen to you calling that you might find your true path in life, no matter where you go, what's for dinner, who you meet, or what life has to offer.

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