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Button Push Exercise

Everyone has something that pushes their buttons. Some things make you frustrated, angry. Some things can be a trigger for addiction or attachment. In this simple exercise I invite you to think about what pushes your buttons and then how to cultivate positive states of mind that know how to deal with those situations when they arise (see “The Method for Transforming Negative States of Mind”). Below is a step by step meditation exercise to practice overcoming situations that push our buttons:

Step 1: Relax and close your eyes.

Step 2: Invoke something that pushes your buttons.

Step 3: when I say “Button push”, you imagine that it is happening right now and you bring mindfulness to your state of mind. All your emotions, thoughts, associations, biases and so forth.

Step 4: Forgive the button pushing scenario you imagine and let it go, finding a centered complete place in yourself.

Step 5: Reflect in this centered place within you until you have completely let go of any negativity.

Step 6: Open your eyes with a wholesome attitude worthy and capable of dealing with that which pushes your buttons.

Things will always push our buttons as long as we have not developed our ability to have patience and non-attachment. Practicing this exercise or something like it is a helpful way to train ourselves to have more peace and grace in our lives. May you have the ability to deal well with and overcome the situations that push your buttons that you may live life happy and free of conflict.

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