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Bubbles in Water

We are all submerged in the Ocean of Bliss, The Ocean of Pure Consciousness, the Transcendent. These waters are outside of us, as well as inside of us. There is no boundary between outside and inside, seer and seen. We are all waves in this infinite ocean.

When we have ignorance in us, ignorance that does not recognize this reality, they form bubbles. Bubbles that constrict. Bubbles that obscure. Bubbles that limit, tie down, and concretize. When you look through and reify the bubble of the ego, the bubble of “I”, everything around you is only meaningful in relationship to that “I”. This is for “me”, this is “mine”, this is not for “me”, This is not “mine”. “I” like this, “I" don't like that. “I” want this. “I” don't want that. This ego bubble casts shadows on everything, since it comes from the internal shadow of ignorance within your mind from which you project your ideas about reality.

To practice meditation is to let go of all the bubbles that obscure the view, that close in and constrict our understanding of ourselves and reality. These bubbles are grasping concepts. When we slowly but surely melt into the ocean, we become free of our bubbles, seeing yourself and all of existence as infinite radiance and infinite awareness, as the Transcendent. From this place loving others is natural, instinctive, since we all share one heart. May you come to be free of the bubbles of ignorance that you may melt into the ocean of reality.

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