• Daniel Rodman


Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Everyone feels bored at one point or another. Seems like there is just nothing to do. We can keep looking for more things to do, but in the end we can find ourselves coming up empty. Being in a relaxing and nourishing environment to just do nothing can be a fantastic way to overcome boredom. From a spiritual standpoint boredom is a symptom of not knowing the true nature of things. In our everyday awareness the value and meaning of things is mostly on the surface, what it means to society, what it means for our consumption, what it means for our own pleasure. What lies beneath that is the vastness of the ordinary, the meaning of the moment, that which is the heart of life itself. If we can tap into a deeper level of appreciation and meaning in the moment there is no way for us to be bored, since the moment is a wonder, the meaning of life is limitless, and the very structure of reality is ever-new radiance of exuberant blissful energy that is the presence of the Divine in all. If we tap into that level of reality, there is not a moment that goes by that is not precious, that is not full, that is not constantly evolving and expanding. May you come to know the deep meaning of life that you may know what boredom is missing.

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