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Evolution spiritually is much like the blossoming of a flower. We begin with a bud, not fully ripe yet, simply the innate potential for fullness. As we progress in our path our heart starts to open, and we feel more connected to everyone around us. Later, we start to deepen our understanding of the nature of our own deepest mind, connecting to that transcendent truth that informs and underlies everything. The bud then begins opening in order to become a flower. Finally, our capacity for love and understanding of the transcendent fully blossom into a open flower.

Like this all living systems blossom forth, and evolution naturally takes place as the inevitable gravity of all beings, who learn, and grow, and live, and suffer and die. All beings evolve, and their evolution is a blossoming. A blossoming from the nature of their minds outward, and from experiences inward, And the union of both. It is an evolution from less complex and meaningful to more complex and meaningful with each new level of consciousness realizing and transcending the previous level.

To go from one moment to the next is to experience the freshness and newness of life, which always has new energy and information to offer us. This energy not only is new every moment, but is an evolution, a blossoming, a continuation of the previous moment of information. May we tap into the constantly evolving and blossoming current of life, that we may not get in the way of this flow but support and nurture it.

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