• Daniel Rodman

An Ode to Service

Service is love in action. It is the expression of the meaningful connection of all people. Service cleanses us of our negativities like a healing balm. It makes us die, and be reborn in the Heart. In service the tides of love that support our world flow at our backs, pushing us forward in our steps. And with each step there is rejoicing, for we are a vessel of love for those around us. In service we remember each other, know each other, and live for each other. No river we cannot cross or hill we cannot climb for each other. We are on fire with love and grace, and we burn bright to bring light into the darkness of others. Service is a sacred oath, that we never forget how precious we are, that we are all like children. We tend to each others wounds because they are our own. Like the hand that comforts the foot when we step on a thorn, so too service is living as one Body. In your face I see my delight, in your eyes I see my love, and for your storms I am a storm tamer.

Service is like a flower that is meant to give by nature. And in service we do indeed find our true nature for the nature of all things gravitates service. The nature of all things is to be together, for there is no such thing as absolute separation. All things share in the same reality, the same basis, and that mutuality is itself togetherness. We are vivified when we know this. We look into each other's eyes with love, and feel our reality. The spirit of togetherness is service.

May you come to know service as your true expression, that you may find yourself and know where you truly are, in community and togetherness with others.

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