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Acceptance makes our burdens impotent. It makes them without an ungrounding sting. They may still make us upset, but they do not make us un-centered. Acceptance is one of the most powerful practices we can cultivate in our life. When we have resistance, un-acceptance, that is when we become ungrounded, clinging to our ego, our ideas, or our feelings. Acceptance allows us to come to terms with our life, to make harmony with it, and to let things be what they are. From acceptance comes appreciation, and from appreciation comes love. To accept things, people and ourselves as we are allows our hearts to be open, that they may express their true nature, open-heartedness. Acceptance is the true ground, the basis of our transcendent embrace of life. It is the way we say “yes” to the moment.

All of life is like a filter sifting for gold. When obstacle after obstacle arise in our life, we are tested to practice having less and less resistance to existence. If we are well practiced, the gold of true transcendent acceptance of all of life is reaped. Despite whether we feel sad, or angry, or afraid, we always have an underlying calm, an acceptance of life, one which recognizes the meaning of life as well, a meaning that is precious.

Acceptance does not mean being an enabler, one who does nothing in the face of wrong-doing or suffering. Acceptance means living from your heart's true intelligence, and acting when called to act, accepting what your heart tells you to do. However, underneath all the doing and experiencing of the day-to-day life, there is always underlying acceptance of who, what, where, when, and why you are, others are, and life is.

Acceptance is a healer for those who feel unacceptable. Give them love that they might feel accepted. Acceptance is a healer of old grudges. Offer forgiveness and allow yourself to accept the past. Acceptance is a healer of loss. Cherish memories, celebrate those gone, and accept their passing as part of your life, letting the love they left behind in your heart live through you every day. Acceptance satisfies the hungry soul, since those who appreciate what they have are always full, where those who's desires never end will never be satisfied. May you come to know the power of acceptance that you may learn to be free and full, resilient, and a healer of human wounds.

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