Meditation is the process of familiarizing ourselves with the nature of our mind. When this happens over time, a transformation takes place that makes us more present to our lives and we become better people. It is a process that is not much different from that of learning to swim in a river. At first we may be resistant to the current, but once we learn to swim with the current we come to know our true flow. Realizing our true flow, and sharing that with others, is the purpose of meditation. Through the powerful and gentle practice of meditation we come to know ourselves, others, and the world in a deeper and more meaningful way. 


   Daniel Rodman is a seasoned meditator of over 17 years and wishes to offer simple yet profound meditation instruction according to your own personal interests and disposition. If you are just looking for stress relief, Daniel can offer you simple and effective practices to permanently reduce your stress levels. If you are interested in personal growth, Daniel knows how to offer insight into meditation philosophy and practice that inspires us to become better people. Finally if you are interested in spirituality, Daniel has a strong background in spiritual practice and study for as long as he has been practicing meditation, and will guide you to learn new ways to deepen your spiritual practice through meditative an spiritual theory.

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