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The True Pace

In this fast paced world it is easy to rush things. To be impatient, to scroll to the next Facebook post, to binge the next T.V. show on Netflix. What is obvious if you do some travel is that not everyone is so high strung and always going. People who live in farm country, people who live in more relaxed environments, towns, and cities, they have a different notion of pace, a different notion of how fast things should go. I believe there is an innate intelligence in us that recognizes intuitively the natural pace of things. This especially comes out when we do anything creative. To put all your heart into something requires attention and therefore it is not something you can rush your way through. Fine brush strokes on the face of a portrait, slow jazz music, dance, all of these things are in tune with True Pace, the place where the pace of our heart and our mind are together.

There are many magical things that can happen when we take things in True Pace. We can totally take in everything we're experiencing, whether it is another person, or our work, or just the beauty of the day. We can do things better, with more care and attention: often times jobs try to make their employees work better by making them work faster. This ultimately sacrifices quality as well as the mental health of the workers. Instead, make all the conditions suitable for mental health and good rapport and everything else will follow. In True Pace we can commune with the pace of nature: its a place in ourselves that is in tune with the pace of how things grow, and it can bring about a harmony between ourselves and the world around us.

The pace of nature is a primary way we understand True Pace, since it is a way that things change and grow and evolve in harmony with the Transcendent Intelligence they are an embodiment of. The growth of all nature is the same fundamental expression of the Transcendent in form. We too are this same expression, although we are not always in touch with that. If we expose ourselves to nature and feel the pace of things, we can bring that back with us into our work and act like we are in tune with the trees and the grass. Not to say we move as slowly obviously, but that we move as deeply. That harmony of heart, mind, action, and environment is the ultimate expression of True Pace. May you come to feel the True Pace in this present moment that your living can be anxiety free and abundant.

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