• Daniel Rodman


When we are just a baby we don't have a fully developed conscious sense of ourselves. As we grow we slowly begin to build a concept of who we are, and are able to have the more complex concepts of ourselves as being good or bad. This is the time when self esteem begins to develop. If we grow up in a loving and supportive home we will tend to have a higher self-esteem than if we are in a home that is abusive. From this basis we live our lives with a certain concept of our self-esteem and how we value ourselves.

Since self-esteem occurs in the mind, it is susceptible to our choices, specifically in regards to how we think. Using mindfulness we can notice when we are entering a state of mind that is low self-esteem. From there we can recognize that this thought of ourselves does not serve us and we can let it go.

There is a saying that we first need a healthy ego before we can let go of and be free of ego. If we do not support ourselves by loving ourselves and accepting who we are completely we will always live with a deficiency in our minds, a part of us that says we are not good enough, or not worthy, or not capable. Becoming your own greatest advocate is the pinnacle of self-empowerment. Others who know and love you will support you, but they won't always be around. You are your own most constant companion. Knowing this, let us support ourselves unconditionally, always advocating for ourselves in all our endeavors. Once we have a healthy view of ourselves we can live our lives with courage.

The depths of our mind is a vibrant source of self-empowerment and validation. The place where we know the meaning of our lives within us is the place where we can feel how we truly are innately valuable and meaningful. It is the preciousness within all of us, the preciousness that when we realize it in others moves us to love them. Connecting to this precious place inside of us is an un-ending fountain of personal truth that is an easy basis for the strongest form of self-esteem: grounded in the divine within. From this knowledge we are not just supported by the meaning within us, but of the whole world. May you come to recognize the negative patterns of low self-esteem using mindfulness that you may transform your thinking and, connecting to the depths within, ground your self-esteem in that which never waivers and always shines.

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